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Welcome to The A3 Review's November Contest

The prompt for this month's Contest is: Windows. Write about windows you've looked into and windows you've looked out of. Write about early memories of windows. Write about a character standing at a window and witnessing something they'll never forget. Be inspired by literary windows, too. What did they see in that tower in Henry James' Turn of the Screw. Write about broken windows and throwing pebbles at a lover's window. Write about glasshouses. Write about a particular type of window, anything from a witch window to a bay window. Write about eyes, for they are the window of the soul.

Write about a character who loves to window shop, or a day in the life of a window dresser. How much is that doggy in the window? Describe the landscape seen from a train window, told by a character on their way to a wedding. Or a funeral, or a job interview. Tell the story of a prisoner and their lover separated by a window. Write a poem about the view from a picture window. 

Write about portholes and French windows, jumping in or out of windows, stained glass windows and things a housebound character sees through a rear window. Look up the Broken Windows Theory and use that as a starting point for a piece set in a run-down neighbourhood. This is your window of opportunity!

You could write about the windows in your day, or a character's day and call it "All the Day's Windows" or "A Day of Windows." You could write a piece and start with the words: "The tiny window in his cell..." or "From the hospital bed she could see..." or, to steal the opening lines of a famous song: "Looking out on the pouring rain..."

This month's contest is inspired by the Write Around the House Writing Map.

We welcome short stories, flash fiction, poetry, comics, graphic stories, a snippet of memoir, photographs, illustrations, and any combination of the above. The only restriction is a word-limit of 150 and images should fit well into an A6 panel.

For more inspiration, visit us on Twitter.

DEADLINE: 25 November 2017

Please make sure to view our full guidelines here.

Entry fee is $5 (approx £3) per submission. Multiple submissions welcome.

All genres welcome. All writers and artists welcome.

The two winning entries from each month's contest will be published in Issue #8 of The A3 Review in early April 2018. Winners will also receive contributor copies and Writing Maps goodies.

CASH PRIZES: Three overall winners of the September till February contests will receive cash prizes of £175 for 1st; £100 for 2nd; and £75 for 3rd (approx: $220, $130, and $95).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your work!

PS. The editors of The A3 Review offer feedback on submissions after the deadline date. If you'd like suggestions on ways to strengthen your work, just add the Brief Critique option to your submission fee, and we'll provide you with a line edit of your work, along with a 200-word critique.

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